Certified Process Servers learn from training to avoid learning from mistakes

Process Server Certification Training to keep risks and mistakes to a minimum

Get ahead of potential problems by asking your Process Servers to take this Certification Training

Collection Agencies and Law Firms

Are your Process Servers Certified?

Using Certified Process Servers can further protect you and your clients from costly mistakes and challenges. 

You've worked hard to build up your firm.  And, you know there are 100s of other firms who are trying to take your clients away.  

The best way to keep your current client list and also grow your company, is to be better.  

You can still use your current Process Servers.  But, to offer the best, ask them to get Certified!


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Process Serving Companies

Process Serving Companies juggle a lot.  You work hard to keep your clients happy.  You are constantly on the look-out for new clients and you have multiple process servers in the field trying to serve the papers. 

Even if you have long-term servers, do they know everything they need to in order to serve the paper AND make sure that serve will flow smoothly through the legal process?

There is another problem facing Process Serving Companies!

It only takes 1 disgruntled server to bring an auditor to your door.  

Serving companies, all over the country, have been or are being audited.  The auditors have determined the Process Servers are actually "Employees"!


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Process Servers

Process Servers have a tough job.  Not only do we have to serve the papers, we have to make sure each serve will stand up in court.  We all know the fastest way for a defendant to get out of a law suit is to blame bad service on the Process Server.  This training teaches you how to serve papers and make them stick!

Regardless of whether you are new to serving or have done it for years, there are training videos in this program that will benefit you!

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