Learning Never Stops

Serving legal papers changes daily. And, sometimes the lessons we learn are from mistakes. MUCH better to learn before the mistakes are made!

Our Training Is Customized and Doesn't Stop

65+ Videos

The Core Training Program consists of 65 videos - averaging 3-5 minutes per video.  The lessons are designed to teach brand new servers and even long-term servers.  A-Z lessons on how to serve and how to be the best.  Why learn from mistakes?  


These training programs are customized for each group.  Every company and client has specific needs.  We meet those needs by customizing each program to meet your needs.  Learn what you need to.  Not what doesn't apply.  

Annual Re-certification

We also provide Continuing Education classes as well as a private Facebook Group.  Get Certified.  Stay Certified!

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After each video, you can post a comment.  We reply to every comments, suggestion and feedback.  Your needs are our needs.   


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