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Process Server Certification Training

This program benefits new hires, long-term servers, your company and your clients!


What is this and why do you need it?

The world of serving papers is changing. Clients are requiring more because the laws are changing and they need to protect themselves. But, because the laws are changing and new rules come out everyday, you also need to be a part of protecting yourself, your company, your servers and your clients!

Even More Dangers Are Awaiting You!

This could change your complete business model. It could even put you out of business!


New Hires

When you hire new Process Servers this program will walk them through step-by-step on what to do, how to do it and when to do it.  It is simple and easy to understand. 

We even offer a special price for New Hires.  They get the program FREE, for 30 days.  After the 30 days, they only pay $17 per month, for 12 months.  

Long Term Servers

This WILL NOT waste their time or money.  While they may have served for a long time, we all know there is always more to learn.  

They will pick up plenty of useful information!  

Learning from lessons is easier than learning from mistakes. 

Continuing Education

Most collection law firms/agencies require "continuing education" for the process servers.  

We provide monthly Continuing Education Training Sessions as well as training within the private Facebook Group.  

Plus we provide any of your required Customized Training!


What We Offer


Compliance and Risk Management

This Training Program brings you into Compliance and keeps you there. It also keeps provides substantial Risk Management.

Outline of this training

 Specific topics designed to protect both you and your clients

  • Teaches everything from A-Z about serving papers correctly and having rock solid documentation and proof so each and every serve will stand up to any scrutiny
  • Extensive FDCPA training
  • Emphasizes detailed Affidavits to avoid anything questionable
  • Teaches how to avoid giving legal advice
  • Trains servers on what they can do to maintain Independent Contractor Status.  The reason that is important is because Process Serving Companies are being audited, throughout the country.  And, the bad news of that is the Process Servers are being classified as "Employees."  The majority of Process Servers do NOT want to be classified as "Employees." 
  • To make matters worse, it isn't just the back taxes the companies have to worry about.  It is the future!  To make matters even riskier, is it only takes 1 disgruntled server to bring an auditor to your door. 

This program is of little to no cost to you and very minimal cost to your servers.   However, unless your servers are perfect and completely without flaw it might just be the perfect ounce of prevention!

With this program, we also provide recommendations to further assist you with maintaining Independent Contractor status. 

Be ready for the Tax Auditor. 

Welcome them with open arms!

Training Videos

Free 48 hour access to our entire training program.  Check it out for yourself.  

We have no doubt you can easily see why this Training Program will improve the quality of service you provide to your Clients. 

Free Risk Assessment

Take a Free Risk Assessment.  Determine if you, your servers or your clients are at risk.  

You will be surprised at the Risks that are currently facing your company, your clients and your servers. 

Free Report

To eliminate most of the known and unknown risks, get this Free Report!

15 Reasons Why Your Process Severs Need Certified And Why It will Improve Service Quality And Protect Your Clients And Your Company. 

Frequently Asked Questions

So much!

  • You will be ahead of your competition!  And, we will give you a Certified Badge for your website stating your Process Servers are Certified. 
  • Your servers will be professionally trained and continually trained.  They will learn from training to avoid learning from mistakes. 
  • If you use this training and make the changes suggested in the Free Report, you should have no fear if a Tax Auditor comes a knocking. 
  • You will no longer have to take the time to properly train New Servers.
  • You will no longer have the burden of creating new training materials when your clients change the policies and procedures.  

Once you complete your purchase, we will send you a link.  You will need to create a user id and a password, if you haven't already done so. 

You will have access to our General Training until your Customized Training is complete.  That way, you can watch the videos, when you have time. By watching them it may spark new training you need for your program.


When you login, you will also find:  Onboarding Questionnaire.  The completed Questionnaire is what we need to begin your Customization.

However, you can always: Click here to fill out your Questionnaire

It typically takes 2 weeks for us to complete all of the customization.  At that point, we will send you the Program.  

Request any changes you want.  We aren't happy until you are!

Also, after you have made your purchase and in case you need help logging in, please go to:  https://www.pscertification.com/library  or Click Here

There is a section in the training videos called:  Core Training. Once they have completed those videos, passed the assessments AND joined the Facebook Group, we will email you and the server the Certificate within 3 business days. 

Depending on how much detail you provide and how much custom content you need, it could take up to 2 weeks.

The more detailed you are in the Onboarding Questionnaire, the quicker you will get your Customized Training.  

We offer 3 Pricing Packages for your current servers. Click Here To See The Prices We Offer Your Servers


 For New Hires, Click Here For New Hires, Click Here

After you purchase...

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Ready To Get Started?

Pick From 3 Different Programs

Voluntary Training


One Time Set Up Fee

Full Customization

Voluntary Participation

65 Pre-made Training Videos

Ongoing Continuing Education Training

Unlimited Customized Training Sessions

On-Boarding Questionnaire Provided After Purchase

*This program is for Serving Companies who do NOT want to require their servers to take the training.  

I don't want to make the Servers take the training

Required Training


One Time Set Up Fee

Full Customization

Required Participation

65 Pre-made Training Videos

Ongoing Continuing Education Training

Unlimited Customized Training Sessions

On-Boarding Questionnaire Provided After Purchase

*This program is for Serving Companies that will REQUIRE  their servers to take the training.  

Yes, I want to save money and time!

No Set Up Fee

No Customization

No Customization

Simply pass along the links below to your servers.  

Click Here For A Link To Provide To Your Current Servers


Click Here To Provide A Link For New Hire Servers

65 Pre-made Training Videos

Ongoing Continuing Education Training


I will just use the General Training

Total Fees

Please note: The program you are signing up for is a life-time program and there are no additional charges for your customization. We will continue to customize your program for no additional costs. The only cost your Process Servers will incur is the initial sign-up fee (based on the plan they choose) and an annual $47 Re-certification Certificate. The on-going training will be provided via additional videos in their membership program as well as the Facebook Group training.


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