Process Server Certification Training

This program benefits both new hires and long-term servers.


What is this and why do you need it?

The world of serving papers is changing. Clients are requiring more because the laws are changing and they need to protect themselves. But, because the laws are changing and new rules come out everyday, you also need to protect yourself. Becoming a Certified Process Server makes you more valuable and also better prepares you to know what to do, when to do it and stay in compliance.

Protecting Yourself Goes Beyond The Serve

There are even more reasons these days to take action on things you might not of even thought about.


New Hires

If you are new to Process Serving this program will walk you through step-by-step on what to do, how to do it and when to do it.  It is simple and easy to understand. 

Long Term Servers

This WILL NOT waste your time or money.  While you may have served for a long time, we all know there is always more to learn.  

You will pick up plenty of useful information!  

Continuing Education

Most collection law firms/agencies require "continuing education" for the process servers.  

This program meets those requirements through more videos and the private Facebook Group. 

After you purchase...

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Become A Certified Process Server

While the program is the same, we offer a variety of pricing options!

3 Equal Payments


For 3 Months

Monthly Certificate for First 3 months

Upon Completion of training and payments, you will receive the a certificate to cover the final 9 months. 

Continuing Education Requirement Fulfillment

Desktop or Mobile Viewing

Private Facebook Group

I want to make 3 payments

Save the most


One Time Fee

1 Year Certificate 

Continuing Education Requirement Fulfillment 

Desktop or mobile viewing

Private Facebook Group

Yes, I want to save money and time!




After each payment is received, your Certificate remains valid.

Continuing Education Requirement fulfillment

Desktop or mobile viewing

Private Facebook Group

I want to pay monthly

Try it for FREE

Free for 30 days

$17 per month after the first 30 days

Training from A-Z

Comprehensive Training

Free for the first 30 days.  $17 per month for the following 12 months

Continuing Education

Desktop or mobile viewing

Private Facebook Group

I want to learn first before I pay

Outline of The Training

  • Specific topics designed to protect both you and the companies you work with. 
  • Teaches everything from A-Z about serving papers correctly and having rock solid documentation and proof so each and every serve will stand up to any scrutiny
  • Extensive FDCPA training
  • Emphasizes detailed Affidavits to avoid anything questionable
  • Teaches how to avoid giving legal advice
  • Explains what you can do to maintain Independent Contractor Status.  The reason that is important is because Process Serving Companies are being audited, throughout the country.  And, the bad news of that is the Process Servers are being classified as "Employees."  Typically Process Servers do NOT want to be classified as "Employees."  The tax deductions you now enjoy would be changed drastically!



We also provide required "Continuing Education Training" that is required by the firms you serve papers for. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming the best server means knowing all of the ins and outs of serving.  Serving papers doesn't stop once you serve someone their papers. 

There are steps you need to do to protect yourself and your clients.  These are just as important, if not more, then getting the paper served. 

Once you sign up for the course, we will send you a link.  You will need to create a user id and a password.

You can then watch the videos, when you have time.  They are there waiting for you.

Also, you will be sent a link to join the Facebook Group, which is a part of the Continuing Education Training. 

There is a section in the training videos called:  Core Training. Once you have completed those videos, passed the assessments AND joined the Facebook Group, we will email the Certificate to you within 3 business days.  You can then pass it to your client(s) to prove you are Certified. 


Please note: After the first annual certificate, as long you stay in the program and the Facebook Group, you will receive an annual Re-Certification Certificate for only $47. The program you are signing up for is a life-time program. The only additional cost you will ever incur is an annual $47 Re-certification Certificate. The on-going training will be provided via additional videos in your membership program as well as the Facebook Group training.


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