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Compliance and Risk Management

Compliance and Risk Management doesn't stop when the papers leave your office. We pride ourselves in training Process Servers to not only serve the legal documents but to stay in compliance and pre-manage potential risks.

Extensive FDCPA Training

Process Servers are excluded from the FDCPA but your firm and your clients aren't.

What your Process Servers say and do can land back on you and your clients.  

We train your Process Servers to voluntarily adhere to the law to protect your firm and your clients. 

Non-Legal Advice

90% of Defendants ask questions.  And, most Process Servers know the answers.  

The trick is to be nice without giving Legal Advice.

If a Process Server gives legal advice, it can come back on you and your clients.  

We provide detailed training on what they can and can't say. 

Challenge Proof Procedures

Everyone knows the first thing a defendant can do to get out of a lawsuit is to claim ineffective service.

We train your Process Servers to treat every serve as if it might end up in court.  We focus on using tools and procedures to avoid having any serve successfully challenged. 

We Train Your Process Servers To Serve You Better

Certified Process Servers know how to serve papers correctly and protect you throughout the process.


Your Process Servers Need To Get Certified

Some of what this training offers...

  • Extensive FDCPA training
  • Compliance Rules
  • Risk Management 
  • Challenge Proof Training
  • Topics designed to protect both you and your clients
  • Teaches everything from A-Z about serving papers correctly and having rock solid documentation and proof so each and every serve will stand up to any scrutiny
  • Emphasizes detailed Affidavits to avoid anything questionable
  • Teaches servers how to avoid giving legal advice
  • Keep your servers.  Just request that they become Certified.  Being the best means being Certified!

This program is of no cost to you and very minimal cost to your servers.   Unless your servers are perfect and you have never had an issue, it might just be the perfect ounce of prevention!  

Keep Your Servers.  Simply Ask Them To Check Out Our Certification Program.

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The quickest way to avoid unnecessary mistakes is to correct them in advance. Learn from training instead of mistakes.


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Free 48 Hour Access To The Entire Program, The Risk Assessment And The Free Report!


There are 65 Core Course Video Training Lessons that teach everything a Process Server should know to serve the paper correctly so each and every serve will stand up to scrutiny.  

We also provide downloads for the Process Servers to reference.

Plus, ongoing Continuing Education Classes and a Private Facebook Group. 

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If you take a look at our program, you will also have access to the Free Report and Risk Assessment inside your Membership page. 

Your access though is limited to 48 Hours.  

How Much Will This Cost Your Serving Company?

Inside your Membership page we even show you exactly what this Certification Training Program will cost the Serving Company.  

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