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Process Serving Companies Free 48 Hour Review of Product

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Watch the videos to see why this is so valuable for your and your clients:

  • Teaches everything from A-Z about serving papers
  • Designed for new servers and long-term servers
  • Topics to protect both you and your clients
  • Extensive FDCPA training
  • Encourages Servers to take action to maintain Independent Contractor Status
  • Teaches how to explain the papers to defendants without giving legal advice
  • Did you know that it only takes 1 disgruntled server to bring a tax auditor to your door?  The methods that we teach and the use of this program can prevent an auditor determining your servers are Employees!

This training not only teaches new servers, it also re-trains long-term servers to make sure they are doing their job correctly which protects you and your clients. 



Please read before accepting this offer:  All materials you are about to see are copyrighted and protected.  Nothing in this training may be shared, copied or used without the express written permission of PS Certification.